LED Warehouse Lighting – LED Lighting

LED High Bay and LED Low Bay

Choose from a huge selection of LED high bay and LED low bay light fixtures. Provide bright LED lighting to industrial locations, warehouses, gymnasiums, arenas and parking garages.

Different styles for every use


UFO LED high bays are designed for suspended mounting with chains and hooks or pendant mount, or surface mount be junction box or mounting bracket.



Linear LED high bays are an equivalent replacement for the traditional high bays that use fluorescent. These fixtures are usually constructed with aluminum or steel with the LED strips or modules attached with an optional clear lens or frosted lens to diffuse the light.



LED Low Bays are great for small-scale bay lighting that doesn't require as much light as typical LED high bays. LED low bay lighting is ideal for small warehouses or convention centers with low ceilings


Round LED high bays come in a traditional circular shape with optional aluminum or prismatic reflector. This type of fixture is designed to replace high bays that use metal halide and HPS bulbs.


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